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    Mentoring Program

    Our mentoring program will consist of flexible weekly meetings between both the mentor and the
    mentee. Each meeting will consist of check-ins, life planning sessions, goal reviews and other extracurricular activities that both mentor and mentee can share with one another. 

    We would like to initiate various workshops and constructive activities that cover:
    Health & Wellness
    Life Planning
    Financial Literacy
    Agricultural Learning
    Cultural Experiences

    Our program goal is to recruit at least 30 young women from all wards of the District of Columbia, who have been recommended to us or who choose to utilize our services. 

    We're currently recruiting both mentees and mentors, so please use our contact page to reach us! 

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    Residential Program
    Our residential program will provide a stable, nuturing and conducive environment for both the young women and their children of whom we serve over a year and a half to two year transitional journey.

    With montly events, spanning from cultural activities to in house workshops, we want our clients to recieve top quality service and experiences during their time with us.

    Our program goal is to acquire 3 properties (both homes and apartments) in Wards' 5, 6, 7 and 8 over the next 5 years. As we gain funding from both private and public entities, we would like to house max number of occupants that are apart of our residential program. 

    Alumni Program
    Our alumni program will certainly be a highlight of our organzation as we open enrollment and increase our numbers thereafter of the young women that graduate from our programs.

    Monthly events for such meetings between current DIVAS and graduated DIVAS will be used to show continued support of helping your fellow sista, while also receiving continued support from the organization.

    Our goal is to create a very supportive, non-judgemental and empowering network of powerful women. 
    Daily Services
    A top priorty here at D.I.S will be the ability to provide daily services such as food referrals, receiving donated hyigene and clothes items, referrals to medicial/mental services and child-care services for young women and their children.
    External Services
    As a start-up organization, we're currently in the process of creating partnerships with various organizations and agencies to help provide ample services to our young women and their children. Any direct services that D.I.S can't provide, we will surely refer them to those who are most certainly qualifed. 

    We're currently looking for partnerships or individuals who can provide the following services: 
     - H.S Diploma/GED programs
     - Vocational/Job Training programs
     - Higher Educational programs
     - Life Skills' programs 
     - Cultural Activity programs

    Community Outreach
    Here at D.I.V.A.S. IN SISTAHOOD, we want our young women to understand the importance of giving back. Our goal is to gain and maintain various volunteer partnerships with other organizations across the District of Columbia and even nationally to stress the importance of making change at home and beyond. If you are willing to partner up with "D.I.S", please use our contact page to reach us.